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Thanks to the properties of our composite, we are using them to develop solutions in a variety of industries.

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Our composites, when combined with conventional polymers, enable the creation of fully 3D-printed electrochemical systems. Utilizing this technology, we are pioneering the development of innovative electrochemical reactors, redox flow batteries, and sensors.


Electrochemical systems will prove crucial for off-planet habitation, serving essential functions for drug molecule production, energy storage, and the generation of hydrogen and oxygen. Leveraging our lightweight composites alongside 3D-printing, we envisage the in-orbit manufacture of electrochemical systems tailored for the unique demands of space environments.

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Our composites enable the rapid fabrication of electrochemical screening arrays and essential electrical components for automated liquid handling systems, streamlining the production process and enhancing efficiency in laboratory and industrial settings.


Our composites can be seamlessly integrated into medical devices, such as prosthetics, to introduce sensing capabilities, enhancing their functionality and user interaction.

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